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Tacks and Rhumb Lines

The Sunfish have been moved to slip C-01
By Randle Moore
Posted on 8/9/2015 11:21 PM

Our club Sunfish are now located in slip C-01. This is an awesome slip. The Sunfish can easily be sailed from the slip to the lake and can easily be sailed back to the slip. The blue and yellow Sunfish has been completely refinished. It now has a drain plug. Before launching the boat off the Sunfish dock, PLEASE ENSURE THE DRAIN PLUG IS SCREWED IN. Upon your return, pull the Sunfish onto the dock bow up and open the drain. Draining any seepage is essential to keeping the hull as light as possible. 

August 8, 2015: Arnie Wilenken and I worked on the Sunfish deck, today. With the help of Laura and Greg Theisz, we moved the Sunfish sails and tubes to the HCYC deck. The purpose was to create more room on the floating dock and to provide a more secure location for the sails. While on the floating dock, I had visions of the sail tubes rolling off the dock into the depths of Canyon Lake. All the Sunfish are on the floating dock, now. The rectangular dock box contains the dagger boards, rudders, and pfds. the combo for that dock box may be found on the back of the clubhouse directory. While working on the dock, I notices Sunfish #1 has a chip in the gellcoat on the bow and on the keel. I expect to get back up to the lake on Monday or Tuesday, August 10 or 11 to make repairs. Please treat the boats gently and don't let them bang into the dock or on the dock while bring them aboard.